Hi, I’m Heather Physioc. I like to educate and empower people in marketing and search.

My Message

I love to deconstruct and understand how problems and systems work. I love to re-engineer things to be even better than they were before. Then, I love to communicate and teach what I’ve learned in simple, empowering, educational ways.

I advocate well-rounded, intentional business thinking to solve marketing and search problems – and vice versa, and I teach others how to apply it in practice to strengthen their work. My frameworks and tools are grounded in more than two decades of real-world experience. My content is backed by extensive industry research. The approaches are well-rounded and vetted through dialogue with leading voices in the industry.

Contact me to bring this experience to your conference stage, training curriculum, or custom workshop experience, and help your audience elevate their thinking in practical, impactful ways.

Upcoming Events

SEO Vibes 2024, May 15-18 near Zakopane, Poland

Heather Physioc speaking on stage at MozCon 2019 in Seattle, Washington


Heather has a more than two-decade career in journalism, advertising, marketing and search. As Chief Discoverability Officer at VML, she leads a global team of award-winning, integrated search and content marketing experts serving multinational enterprise brands across verticals. She was also an adjunct professor of master’s-level digital marketing at the University of Kansas.


Heather has spoken at conferences in search, digital, marketing, business, and leadership, and custom-tailors marketing talks to specific industries. She has special expertise in the needs of complex, enterprise, international, multi-BU and scaling businesses.


In addition to numerous topics in the hopper at any time, Heather has proven talks about using search data to identify new competitive advantages and map search journeys, applying search in the CX framework, overcoming red tape to get your best marketing work implemented, building data-driven content systems people can buy into, and more.


From first-hand experience as a leader and educator, Heather knows that content must be tailored to the audience for content to be aspirational and actionable. Whether your learners are working professionals in the marketing industry, students in the academic experience, or a board of executives, the experience will feel custom-made.

Have an idea in mind?

Listen to the Human-Centered podcast where Nick Brunker interviews Heather Physioc about the future of search in the AI and experience era.