Yosef Silver, founder of Fusion Inbound Marketing

“Heather is a master of her trade. She has a magical stage presence and doesn’t leave anything to chance. She conducts in-depth research among her peers, researches her subject matter and commands a room with breathtaking design and eloquent prose. She can take complex ideas and break them down, so everyone leaves the session not only inspired by her work, but with action alone next steps to implement for their clients or organization. I’ve heard Heather present at countless conferences, and her name is one of my favorite to see on an agenda.”

Lauren Hipp, Discoverability leader at VMLY&R

Lauren Hipp, Discoverability leader at VMLY&R

“If you see the name Heather Physioc anywhere on your conference or event schedule, attend that session – I guarantee you will walk away smarter and more inspired than when you arrived. Heather understands complex systems and change management while still executing in-the-weeds technical skills on a daily basis, uniquely positioning her to convey the ‘why’ to a wide variety of audiences. Heather and her talks are relevant, funny, authentic and impactful – you won’t even be thinking about when the networking happy hour is!”

Woj Kwasi, founder at Kwasi

“I’ve seen Heather speak in front of large audiences multiple times and have always found her engaging, compelling and to never skip a beat. She is extreeeeemely meticulous in her research. You’ll no doubt be entertained and have your mind blown with the wealth of knowledge that’s coming your way. She’ll have your audience captivated and leave them inspired. What a wonderful speaker and person!”